What We Believe


At Lord of Glory Fellowship, we believe the Bible is the written, Word of God. By this we mean the revelation of the books of Moses and the prophets of Israel and Judah as recorded in the 39 books of the First (or Old) Testament (mostly composed in Hebrew) as well as the witness of the Apostles of Jesus (and their associates) as found in the 27 books of the New Testament (mostly composed in Koine Greek) represent the written will of God as given through His chosen human agents. The Bible is the personal revelation of God’s own character, and the sure record of God’s redemptive work for the salvation of the word – culminating in the gospel (the good news!) of Jesus Christ in his perfect life, wretched death, and his resurrection in power as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. As the written word of God, the Bible serves as our doctrinal foundation, the first and final authority in all that we profess to believe. In other words, please check our teaching with the Word. If you find anything we teach is out of accord with the truth of the Bible, taken together as the whole counsel of God, then the scripture itself should surpass whatever we may say. 



For a brief outline of what we believe as core Christian faith commitments we would refer you to the ancient creeds (or traditional faith affirmations) of the church. Together with a wide swath of denominations and Christian congregations we affirm the words of the NICENE CREED and the APOSTLES CREED as representing a close summary of our core convictions about God and humanity. These creeds are important to us because they help us keep our focus on the core of Christian conviction, rather than becoming side-tracked by secondary issues (adiaphora).  In other words, we want to keep the main thing, the main thing – the personal knowledge of God as our Maker and Heavenly Father, God himself entering history in human flesh in the personal of Jesus Christ, his promise of salvation to all who trust him, his rescuing us from sin unto restore fellowship with God as Our Father through the gift of his life-giving and eternal Spirit within us, his call to holiness, loving communion with one another, and faithful witness to the truth, the hope of resurrection life, and the coming renewal of of all things for God’s own glory.



For a more expansive outline of our doctrinal commitments as interpreted from the Bible we refer you to the long-standing doctrinal statement of the Presbyterian Church in America (and other continuing Presbyterian churches) represented in the Westminster Confession of Faith, The Westminster Larger Catechism and The Westminster Shorter Catechism. We are a confessional church because we believe it is important to live and labor in committed connection with other churches who share our core commitments of doctrine and practice, and because we value the heritage and faithful teaching handed down through generations. We use these standards as helpful tools in teaching and guidance through controversy.  In other words, at Lord of Glory, we are not seeking to reinvent the wheel, but to live more and more into the fullness of all that God has already promised for his people, and we recognize that we carry our faith within a particular stream of many generations which feeds into the broader stream of historic Christian orthodoxy.